Bill Nye, the Science guy

Ok, I’m not really Bill Nye, but on Monday nights, we do science experiments as part of our homeschool curriculum. My wife is the primary teacher, basically covering everything, but this year she asked me to do the science experiments, because its not her thing.

Well, I love it! Last night we did the circulatory system and talked about how the heart pumps the blood and it flows all over the body (did I mention, we’re dealing with 2nd grade and Kindergarden here?). We listened to each others heart beats and took our pulses.

The book recommends taking your pulse by putting a toothpick in a piece of playdoh and sticking it on your wrist. The toothpick is supposed to move back and forth and make it easy to count the pulse beats.

Well, its NOT true. It didn’t work. We ended up doing it the old fashioned way–2 fingers on the wrist.

My favorite part is that I have 2 eager learners. I enjoy doing it because they enjoy it.