Science Monday turns into Cookie Day

Normally we do science experiments on Monday, but this week the kids have started their Christmas break, so instead, it was Cookie Day.

Ok, I know for you hard core homeschoolers, Cookie Day would still be Science Monday. I mean you’ve got chemical reactions, measuring amounts, fractions, division (if there are 32 cookies and 4 people, how many cookies would you get?). All the makings of a Science and Math lesson rolled up into one. You’ve got Home Economics, etc. But none of that our house. Cookie day means cutting out angel sugar cookies and putting pretzel antlers on the reindeer.

(Maybe we’ll do a lesson that talks about how sugar turns into fat: If Daddy eats 5 cookies, how many pounds does he gain?)

My wife and kids and two Christmas elves (named Grandma and Grandpa) lit into 4 batches of cookie dough. I came home from work to see the results. A couple days earlier and not a sweet in the house (usually a pretty big emergency–“what do you mean there’s no dessert!?”), and now sugar bliss. Ahhhh…

Too bad you can’t e-mail a cookie, but if you stop by our house, we’ll give you a sample of the results, with a piece of Buckeye candy to boot!