Running Late

This morning I hit my snooze alarm 5 times before I got up. Yesterday had been a long day and I figured that I deserved the extra sleep. When I finally got up and got in the shower, I still had visions of a fresh cup of coffee and Isaiah 55 in my mind. It then dawned on me that I was supposed to meet with a couple of friends before work–at 7:00–and it was 6:45. No way I could make it on time. I cut short my pontifications in the shower, made tracks and was almost ready to go at 7:00 with at least a 10 minute drive to go.

A quick phone call and an apology cleared things up, and I finally made it to our meeting place 15 minutes late. Although not the first time this has happened in the 6 years that we’ve met, it is infrequent that I’m late. I don’t like to be late, I like to be on time and even pride myself on my punctuality (although not overly so, for reasons like this).

Our fruitful discussion was so engaging that I lost track of the time, until one friend noticed that it was 5 minutes until 8. I’m supposed to be at work at 8 o’clock. Late again. Although, this time there were other stragglers that boosted my spirits. At least I wasn’t the only one that was running late.

This time, my tardiness largely went without notice, and I went about the business of being an engineer. The morning slipped away. As I tried to come to a good stopping place before lunch, I remembered my lunch appointment. My task was not yet done and noon was creeping up on me. I hurried as quickly as I could to get done, but still didn’t get out and to my destination until 12:15. Late again–three times in one day. What is wrong with me?

It’s a simple thing, to be on time. You just have to plan ahead, make yourself stop what you’re doing and leave ahead of time. Use a little self-discipline. I could have been on time in everyone of these instances. I should have been on time. And yet in each case, it turned out to be “No big deal.” That’s God’s grace. Un-looked-for, undeserved, sometimes even unappreciated. And yet He hands it out to me again and again.

Thank You.