Sal has inspired me to screen blog…

We just recently moved to a new house. The previous owner apparently had allergies and never opened the windows because all the windows in the house came without screens. We, on the other hand, are accustom to open the windows every night except when the humidity and heat are unbearable.

Since we’ve moved in, we’ve been unable to do this and it has been torture. First of all, running the A/C all the time kills me from a practical standpoint because it wastes electricity (not that I’m a green-nik, but I gotta pay for it!) when it is cooler at night than it is inside.

Also the lack of humidity in the house has cause me to wake up at night with a dry, hacking cough. The house gets stuffy by morning and I am waking up feeling very thirsty.

Well, today we got screens in our “big” room (an add-on family room) and it has been wonderful. I cannot tell you how nice it feels to be able to open up and feel the cool evening breeze.

Hopefully we’ll soon have screens in all the windows. We’ve ordered replacement windows (yes, I know you don’t have to replace the whole window to get new screens), and hope to have screened-in bliss by the end of the month.

I can’t wait.

Sal, I hope you enjoy your porch!