Keep Moving!

I’ve been stuck lately. On what, doesn’t really matter, but it has been crippling. The size and breadth of the task in front of me has been so big that I have been immobilized. It’s like I’ve got a huge blank sheet of paper in front of me extending on and on and I don’t know where to start. What did Michelangelo do when he was faced with the ceiling of the Sistine chapel?

Maybe great thinkers have a grand vision of what things should be and the steps to get there, but I’m definitely not a great thinker. Just a guy with no clue.

This has happened to me before. A monumental decision looms that has significant impact on your life, one way or the other. What do you do?

I was praying about it this task this morning in the shower and the God-inspired idea came to me: Keep moving! Don’t try to plan it all out and design the whole thing. Just start working on it. Just do it. (And you thought the Nike guys came up with that! Nope. God thought of it first.)

And somehow, the task seems lighter and I can move ahead.

Thank you, God, that you’re the God that keeps me moving. You’re the God of ‘Just Do It’ and the One who gives me grace to help me in my time of need.