Disposable Coffee

C’mon, you know the kind. It’s the kind that you get at restaurants like IHOP and Denny’s and those little diners. It’s the kind that you get at work for 15 20 cents a cup (OK, it’s gone up) from a pot that hasn’t been cleaned in three years. It’s most distinguishable characteristic, the one adjective that they put in front of it is “Hot”. Not “Breakfast Blend”, not “Dark Roast”, not “Espresso”.

It’s disposable. What do with the “good” stuff once it’s cold? You nuke it and drink it until its gone. This stuff, you throw away and make a new pot because it’s lost the one thing that distinguishes it from, well, no coffee.

Well, last night I forgot to set up the coffee maker and this morning I threw away the one last cup of “House Blend” and made what? Yep, a fresh pot of disposable coffee.

Ahhh, hot coffee.