New Local Singles Scene

Locally, they’ve introduced a new way for singles to meet new people. Go to Walmart.

That’s right, on Friday nights it’s “Singles Shopping”. Just tie a red ribbon on your shopping cart. And it just so happens that our Walmart is the very first to try it in the United States.

My favorite quote in the article:

“Wal-Mart is somewhere you got to go anyway, a lot of people are professional, they don’t have time to do such things, it’s something they got to do anyway and maybe they can kill two birds with one stone.”


Making holes in the Wall

We’ve lived in our new house for a month. One of the things that we were looking forward to was having a master bath. It’s small, but functional and we don’t have to share it. All was nice and wonderful until I was in the garage while my wife took a shower overhead. Water was dripping down on the work bench. I looked up at the floorboards above and they were black with water stains and water dripping down. This was not going to be good.

We called our plumber (my father-in law). (I say this with much affection because he’s a great father-in-law. I couldn’t ask for a better one.) After some investigation, we decided that we needed to do some investigative destruction–make some holes in the walls in the shower and determine where the water was coming from.

This was done, but there was no water leaking from the pipes in the wall. “Investigative destruction” was unfruitful. Be he stumbled on what he thought to be the problem and cleared a clog that seemed to be causing water to back up into the area under the shower and drip through the floor.

The holes were patched, spackled, painted and victory was declared as we saw no more water dripping down into the garage. Finally, this week we started using our shower again. Ahh, what joy!

The first day I took a shower, I went down and checked the garage. No water! The problem was fixed. Second day, I didn’t check. The third day, I checked again, wanting to make sure.

Water was dripping down, just as before.

Today–more “investigative destruction” (in our bedroom this time) and a terrible discovery. This isn’t an easy-fix problem. The drain has rotted through and water is seeping under the tile floor. The way to fix this problem is to rip out the entire shower, replace the wet and rotting flooring underneath, and put in a new one. Not a Saturday afternoon job.

The thing that everyone keeps asking is how did we or the home inspector see this problem before we bought the house?

I wonder that myself…