From Windows to Linux

Slashdot had a link to an article where a Windows user tried out Linux for 10 days and wrote an article about the whole thing. I was pretty interested in this because, being a Windows user, I’ve wondered about all the hype.

In fact, when I was still running Windows 98, I actually installed a distribution of Mandrake 8 Linux on a second partition of my PC, and ran in a dual-boot for a while. Although this was a neato geeky thing to do to switch over, I ran into problems finding/installing/using the right drivers form my modem. It would work one time, and then not work other times.

I ended up upgrading to Windows XP and haven’t looked back. I’m quite entrenched in Windows both at work and at home. It’s comfortable and I’m happy with it and the stability of Windows XP is such that I don’t have to reboot everyday due to the BSOD (blue screen of death).

Back to the article…I was a bit disappointed. The writer mainly spoke about converting all his Windows platforms to various Linux distributions (PC, XBOX, Media Center, etc.) and the pain of getting things to work. Ok, he’s a student and I’m not, so I can’t blame him for being interested in different things than I am (I don’t care about gaming). But I was more interested in not just converting over, but living and working in a Linux environment.

In the end, he comes to the conclusion:

I guess I just sort of absorbed the hype that Linux is better than Windows which has been chanted nearly everyday on all technology sites but one thing I learned…is that it’’s all just a fad right now and so is the hate people have for Windows.

I tend to agree–the OS that you use boils down to a matter of personal preference. There are a lot of people, MacOS and Linux users alike, that gripe about Windows. Hey, I even gripe some times, but in the end it is comfortable and familiar and I’m sticking with it.

If any of you have gone over to the dark side, I’d be interested in hearing how you fared.