Back to School

Today, we started back to homeschool. LW had considered waiting another week, but thought that the extra week might be nice around Christmas time.

A few notable quotes from the day:

“You grow computers in your garden!”

(~K in a discussion about why cucumbers (not computers) are cheaper in the summertime.)

“Yeah, I know, I got to do them so that if I go to the store buy something for $1.49 and something else for $1.37, I can add the numbers in my head and know how much to pay.”

(~D’s reply when I asked him, “Do you know why you have to do math drills?” His mother, obviously, had already covered that topic earlier in the day.)

The one that described perfectly how things went:

“The day went well, but the task is daunting.”

And, my favorite:

“Only 179 more school days until summer vacation.”