While We’re on the Subject

Here’s another reason why I don’t like cats:


Spiders Again

On the way to church this week, I was out the door and noticed that Charlotte was back (that is what LW started calling it.) I made mention of this, when ~D pipes up in the back.


(BTW, my wife’s classic response to this inattentive question is: “If you’re going to eavesdrop, pay attention!”)

I explained how this persistent spider keeps making its web, which kept on getting knocked down when the door opens. ~K interrupted with, “He ate his web!”

Thinking that he is just being silly, I ignored the comment and continued with the story and how the web disappears almost every day.

~K insisted, “No! He eats his web!”

Finally, I dismissed this with something like: “No, don’t be silly, spiders don’t eat their webs.” But ~D came to his little brothers defense: “Yes they do, Dad. He read it in a book.”

“Oh, really?” I replied. It turns out that he is right. I found the following:

Some spiders live in their orb webs a long time, while other spiders remake their orb webs every day. Because the spider silk in the web is made of protein and costs a lot of energy to make, these spiders usually eat their old webs before making a new one.

And on another site, a spider that looks similar to Charlotte:

These spiders prefer sunny places with little or no wind to build their webs. Each night, they eat their web and build a new one.

In the pause after the discussion, LW said: “Honey, you owe ~K an apology.” And I apologized for not believing him.

Men in Craig

County, that is. Yep, our church is having a men’s retreat at a rustic campground in Craig county, Virginia. There were a bunch of men that went tonight, but the rest of us are going tomorrow night.

That’s right. Camping in tents. Campfires, hiking, shooting, sleeping in tents on the hard, cold ground. And of course, pit toilets. I. Can’t. Wait.

I’m kidding, actually. Not about the pit toilets or any of the camping stuff. I’m really not looking forward to going. It’s been a rough, tiring week and all I want to do is come home and watch a rental movie Friday night and then sleep in to maybe 7:30 or even 7:45 on Saturday. *Sigh*

But, nope. I’m going. With really low expectations. Oh, and ear plugs. You can’t go on a men’s retreat without ear plugs.