Rough Day

I’m spent from work today.  Ok, maybe I should be going to bed earlier, but that’s beside the point.

Today it has been dealing with people.  There are one or two in particular that come to mind and I’ve been frustrated with them.  Frustration is an emotion that makes me weary, particularly when you have to try not to be frustrated.

Part of the frustration is working with people that seem to be incompetent.  You ask for a simple task to be done, they take too much time and do it wrong.  You review the work, write a long e-mail explaining what needs to be different, a month later get the work back and it is wrong again in so many different ways.

I so much want to get on my self-righteous high horse and tear the person up and down. I want to make them do it over again the right way, and again and again until they meet my expectations for the task.

And then I think of the futility of doing that and just want to give up.

How do you show grace to someone like that?  How?  I would never screw things up like they did!

And yet, I think of my own work habits and shirking of duties.  I think of so many times when my boss comes up to me and the pit of my stomach drops.  “He’s found me out, this time.  I’m going to be exposed.” And then I’m commended again for my hard work and diligence.  I think to myself, “Oh, but if you only knew.” And my thin veil of competence has held again.

Grace…grace…   Yep, these people that I’ve labeled as incompetent deserve grace just as much as I do.  Another chance to prove that they can do the job. My own self righteousness looks pretty sturdy, but would crumble at the slightest scrutiny.  Maybe another chance, and a little patience.

God, please give me grace for these individuals.  I don’t have it.  I can’t do it. My pride and arrogance block the way and it is too big for me to move.  Please, I beg you, impart your power in me.  Pour out Your Grace in me and through me.


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