This morning, I was in the bathroom getting dressed for work after my shower when there was a knock at the door. This was the second knock of the morning, so I knew who it was, but I said anyway, “Who is it?”

Something unintelligible was mumbled through the door, so I opened it.
My oldest half stumbled in and went to relieve himself. After he was done, he flushed and then peeked out the window, which was fogged up from my recent shower. It was still a little dark out, the time of morning when you can’t yet tell what kind of day it is.

“Ah, it looks like another rainy day.”

I didn’t disagree because I couldn’t tell through the fogged up window.

After I finished, I walked into our family and could see a vivid blue sky and no clouds. The sun was starting to come up and the day was getting brighter.

I thought that ~D~ would be happy to discover that his initial assessment of the day was wrong. All in the days work…for the weatherman.


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