Car Trouble (Part 2)

Kind of busy the last couple of days. After consultation with my dad (always good for wise words) and our drummer at church that works as a mechanic, we decided to take it in for a second opinion.

Meanwhile, I started looking for used cars in the newspaper.  The mode of operation in our family is No American Cars.  And especially, NO FORDS!!  We had a FORD Tempo once, but our troubles with it (too long to detail here) led us to go to Hondas.   They’re just so expensive, even when they have 100,000 miles on them. So I don’t know.

Looking for a “new” car is pretty low on my list for fun things to do.  Lower than going to the dentist or paying my taxes. So this foray into the classified ads and, was pretty painful.

Friday morning, we got up and picked up the car at the Saturn dealership and took it to another mechanic.  I got a call a couple hours later.  “Well, your oil looks pretty black and is pretty low.  When was the last time you got an oil change?”  So he changed the oil: $26.95.

When I picked the car up, he said, that you have to keep an eye on the oil with Saturns.  So I’ll do that.

For now, the engine is sounding much better, so I’m hoping it’ll be OK.

I’ll tell you one thing though, this last trip to the dealer has left me with a pretty bad taste in my mouth.


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