It’s been hot the last few days.  So much so that we’ve even kept the A/C on at night.  This may seem obvious to everyone, but when I was a boy, my parents always opened the windows at night. It would be muggy and hot, but open those windows!  The A/C is expensive and it gets stuffy.

I like having the windows open at night, but when at 11 pm, you open the door and still get a blast of warm air.  Hey, keep it on.  Why be miserable?

So we’ve been in our little A/C cocoon, racing from the car to the house to the car to church or work.  A/C on.

The pool is the only exception.  We’ve braved the heat to go cool off in the pool.

Man, I’m such a wimp.

But at least, I’m cool. 🙂


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