Hail? Yes!

Last night, severe thunderstorms came through southwest Virginia. I was still at work at the time, and heard heavy rain coming down on the roof of our building like a loud rumble. I can’t actually see a window from my desk, a small cubicle in a big room, but if I stand up and look over the wall, I can partially see out a window in the far corner.

The rumbling went on for a little bit, getting steadily heavier as the rain came down harder, and then I started to hear a “pinging” sound. I first thought that the rain had breeched the roof and was dripping down on the dropped ceiling tiles below.

(This may sound far-fetched, but our building has a flat roof and the water basically just pools on the roof and eventually finds its way inside. Many times after a good rain, we have saturated ceiling tiles that have disintegrated and fallen to the floor, with a puddle of water surrounding it.)

I went to the window to investigate and noticed that it was hailing.

I waited to leave until the deluge was winding down, and found piles of pea-sized and marble-sized hail on the grass. The dark clouds were recedeing in the distance, and debris was all over the road.

I learned later that storm had peeled the roof off the transportation museum downtown.

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