An Early Morning Walk

I woke up early this morning because I was uncomfortably hot. Too early. We had opened up the night before, with hopes that the cool outside air would permeate into the no-longer-air-conditioned house. After tossing and turning for a while, I still couldn’t get comfortable. Then a dog started barking.

By now I went from being half awake, to being three-quarters awake and my mind started to kick in. I was just waiting for my alarm to go off so I could get up. As I lay there, the idea formulated that I could get up and take a walk. I usually hit the snooze for 30 minutes or so before I get up, so if I just got up when my alarm went off, I’d still have plenty of time for a quiet time.

The early morning walk wasn’t a new idea, the idea had been formulating in my mind for weeks, but would evaporate every morning just about the time my alarm would go off–for the first time.

But today, I was awake. Tired, but awake. And so at the second alarm, I was up. It was still dark enough that I couldn’t see well inside the house, but quite light outside.

The air was cool and pleasant, and I turned on my MP3 player to enjoy the July 1st edition of World Magazine. (Ok, ok, I’m a month behind.) I got down our street, too far to go back, before I remembered that I forgot to grab a hat to cover my bed head. Oh, well.

The streets were all but deserted. One car drove by, and I saw an older woman, still dressed in her pajamas, who was making a quick dash to get the newspaper. We didn’t make eye contact, both of us wanting to avoid the awkward social interaction.

By the time I made the entire circuit of our neighborhood, I was warm, my fingers swollen and throbbing. The air was also noticeably warmer. You could already tell the day was going to be hot. I slipped inside the house, unnoticed, ready to start the day.


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