And That’s the Whole Ballgame

…Ok, well, 7 innings anyway. When we left at 9:07pm it was tied at 2 to 2.

Yes, tonight we went to a baseball game, our second one as a family this season.  The boys went to one just a couple of days ago with their grandparents, allowing us to have a impromptu date.

The boys participated in a library reading contest this summer and one of the prizes for completing the reading was 2 free tickets to a ball game.  Last year they received 2 free tickets each.  So this year we parents had to pay.  There’s a guy at work that I know that was selling General Admission tickets for $4 each, so the whole night cost us $8 total, rather than the expected $12.  No bad for a family outing.

We sat along the the 1st base line–our usual spot.  We were behind a large group of teenagers, and after inspecting them for a minute I said, “That’s a youth group, I bet.” I had ID’d the leader, a clean-cut, young man with a mullet who was too old to be a teenager, but young enough to still have a “cool” air about him.

My wife agreed, “Yeah, it’s a Baptist youth group.”  I didn’t disagree, because it did have kind of a Baptist smell about it. Several innings later when the announcer recognized the groups, she was proven right: “Vinton Baptist Church!” and the kids all cheered.

It took me several innings before I could start focusing all the game and get my people watching out of my system.  There are so many strange and interesting people at a ballgame that seem to hold my attention better than the action on the field.

Surprisingly enough, ~D~ pretty much just sits and watch the game.  For some reason unknown to me, he loves watching sports–any kind of sports–and likes to focus on the rules and the game play.  He dosn’t want to miss a minute of the game.  ~K~ on the other hand, starts to get pretty ancy: Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down. He’s a ball of energy and excitment and can’t be bothered with watching the game unless there is something exciting going on.

By the bottom of the fifth, he needed to have a scenery change.  I did too–the game, which was tied at 1-1 in the fourth was a sleeper.  We walked around behind the stadium and I let him run around in the grass.  Then we walked from one end of the stadium to the other, found the mascot and greeted “Misty”, a large dog.  It was nice to see the action from a different point of view.

As the evening descended, we gave the inevitable warning: We’re leaving after the bottom of the 7th.  It was after 9 and they had VBS in the morning. ~K~ and I raced ahead to the car as ~D~ and my wife fell behind.  It was an enjoyable family outing.

On the 11 o’clock news, we found out that the home team pulled ahead by 1, winning 3-2 and breaking their 2 game losing streak. It had gone into extra innings, so it was good that we left when we did.


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