Science Experiments – Is it Magnetic?

We started back to homeschool this week, which means back to science experiments. Last year we were growing plants, so our units were intense nightly affairs where we had to do something almost every night to measure or evaluate the plant development.

This year we’re doing experiments with magnetism, electricity and light, starting with magnetism.

Today we started the first experiment: “Is it Magnetic?” where we tried to classify objects that were magnetic. It was really way too easy for the kids, but we did it anyway. The obvious things (paper clip, nail) were magnetic, while feathers, ping pong balls, corks, pennies, and nickels were non-magnetic.

The only surprise was a Canadian nickel, which was magnetic, because it had enough nickel in it. I didn’t know that nickel was magnetic. (US nickels are mostly copper and don’t have enough nickel in them to be magnetic.)

When we were done, the response from the boys was: “Is that all?!” Definitely a way-too-easy start of the year.


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