Talkin’ about Star Wars

At suppertime tonight, the boys got to talking about Star Wars. The topic came up because one of their good friends, ~J~, is into Star Wars and talks about it a lot. The kids have very few of the basics down, but not much more.

The conversation went something like this, as they discussed the different types of space ships:

~K~: “What’s an X-wing?”

~D~: “The X-wings look like airplanes with 2 wings, but then they go into war mode and the wings split, so that it looks like an X.”

~K~: “Cool.”

Me: “It’s actually called ‘attack mode’, not ‘war mode’.”

~D~: (not really listening to me) “Yeah, and there are Y-wings, too.”

Me: “The Y-wings are the bombers. There are A-wings too. They’re light and and fast. You use them for scouting.”

~D~: “What do A-wings look like?”

Me: “They’re kind of triangular shaped, they don’t really look much like an ‘A’.”

~D~: “Aren’t there B-wings, too?”

Me: “I think so, but I don’t remember what they look like.”

~D~: “What about those funny looking enemy ones? What are they called?”

Me: “You mean Tie fighters?”

~K~: “Look on your shirt!” (~D~ was wearing a Star Wars shirt.)

Me: “Actually that’s a Tie Bomber.” (Referring to the shirt.) “The tie fighters look like that, except their wings are straight. They’re really fast, too.”

~K~:“I wish we could watch Star Wars. It’s hard when you don’t know what ~J~ is talking about.”

LW (that’s my Lovely Wife, in her sweet, tender motherly voice): “You will, but we just think it is too suspenseful now.”

Me: “~K~, you know how you think those Superman cartoons are suspenseful? Well Star Wars is much more than that.”

(We have a couple of DVDs with classic (i.e. circa 1940s) Superman cartoons that the kids watch on Saturday mornings. ~K~ can’t stand to watch some of them because of the suspense.)

Me: “It’s like, ‘Luke, don’t go in there! You’re going to get hurt by Darth Vader.’ But of course he goes in and you wonder what’s going to happen. ‘Luke! Don’t leave Yoda! You should stay with Yoda!’ But he goes ahead and leaves and you wonder what’s going to happen.”

~D~: “Yoda!? Who’s that?”

Me: “He’s this little green guy with big ears. He’s 800 years old and a Jedi master.”

~D~: “800 years old!?”

(To my wife) “Boy, he was pretty cool when he fought Count Dooku in Episode 2.”

~D~ (shaking his head): “I don’t have any clue what you’re talking about.”

Me: “We have the videos, so when you guys get older, I can’t wait to watch them with you. It will be a lot of fun.”

If you’re thinking that we shelter our kids too much because they haven’t watched Star Wars, you are right: We do shelter our kids–a lot. (Hey, it’s PG, that’s Parental Guidance suggeste. I’m a parent and I’m using my guidance.) They watch 1-2 hours of TV a week–mostly pre-approved videos. I’m actually quite proud that they don’t watch more and know about more TV and movie related things. We couldn’t do this if we didn’t home school. They would be exposed to so much more if they went to public school.

It is actually weird for me to have to explain it to them. I grew up with Star Wars and got entrenched with that story growing up, it surprises me when they don’t know what I’m talking about. And I am looking forward to watching the story with them about a galaxy far, far away.

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