Requiem for a Coffee Warmer

My coffee warmer at work recently died.  You would think this would be an easy to fix.  Just go to your local Wal-mart and pick up a new one.  But this coffee warmer was special.

For one, it was probably 7-8 years old.  About a year or so ago I asked for a new coffee warmer for my birthday, and got it.  But I soon found that coffee warmers were yet another victim of our litigious society.

My new coffee warmer didn’t warm.

Oh, it felt warm to the touch, but try putting a ceramic mug on top of it.  Even with only a quarter of a cup of coffee, the liquid was tepid after a half hour. 

Meanwhile, my old coffee warmer would keep those last few sips warm for hours, and if you waited long enough, you could get that nasty burnt coffee crust at the bottom of your mug.  Yum!

Ahh, but somebody burned their tongue on coffee that was warmed by a coffee warmer, and then the manufacturers had to dial down the warming power of their coffee warmers to avoid the potential law suits.


I still have my new coffee warmer–barely used.  But I have found that I can keep my coffee warmer for longer if I just use an insulated mug.  Still, it’s not the same.  I miss my old coffee warmer.

Oh, coffee warmer, I hardly knew thee.


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