Clearing Skies

The past couple of days here in Virginia have been rainy and overcast.  The sky has been dark and threatening with rain.  But this morning, the weather had changed. As I walked out of the house in the early morning to go to work, the skies were clearing.  You could tell that the sun was going to come out and it would be a good day.

I’ve been suffering from my own overcast skies.  Clouds of doubt and discouragement have been nagging me for the past couple of days and I haven’t been able to shake them. Usually, when I read the Bible in the morning, I feel the cool breeze of encouragement from the Holy Spirit, but the last couple of days, my time has been flat.  The words stick to the page and fail to penetrate my heart.

Nagging thoughts prevail:

“Does God love me?”
“I’m not doing enough.  I need to do more, be more.”
“You’ll always be this way, have these problems.”
“Another dreary, boring day.  There is nothing to look forward to.”
“Why does church seem like such a drag?”

As I stepped out of my car at work, the sun was coming up.  The last wisps of clouds would soon be gone.  God, help! I need you.


As I walked to my desk, the word came to mind.  I planned to pray when I got to my desk, but soon the tasks of the day crowded in and my good intentions fell by the wayside.  I didn’t look Up until almost lunch.

Walking back to my car, I remembered that word and started to pray through the armor. It had been a while since I had put it on: Belt of Truth, Breastplate of Righteousness, Shoes of Peace, Shield of Faith, Helmet of Salvation, Sword of the Spirit. Each piece of armor was a defense against the lies. Jesus, You are my Righteousness, my Truth, my Peace, my Salvation.  Lord, I Trust in you!

I started to feel stronger, not so weary.  My mind was clearing.  As I stepped outside the sun was shining.  The Son was shining inside as well.

What a beautiful day.

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