Jello Instructions

 At lunch yesterday, our kids were sharing what they discussed in children’s church.  They had gotten a snack of Jello Jigglers, and we were wondering how that applied to spiritual things.

~K~ shared that the teacher, Mr. S, had said that the Bible is like the instructions on a box of Jello.  You can read the instructions on the back of the box all you want.  You can study them, you can make notes about them.  You can discuss the instructions.

They don’t do you a bit of good until you put them into practice.

In the same way, God is calling us not just to read the Bible, and read the words, but to put them into practice in our every day lives.

Ouch.  I was convicted by this very profound illustration.  It is so easy to just read and study the Word, without putting it into practice in our lives.


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