Science Experiments – Invisible Gears

This week we observed the interaction between two rotating magnetic fields.

We did this by hanging two magnets from the edge of the table in a loop of thread, just far apart enough so that they wouldn’t grab each other and stick together.

The first magnet we spun the string so that it was wound up fairly tight. The second magnet we just let hang. Then we let the magnets go.

As the first magnet spun, its thread un-twisted. The second magnet spun the other way and its thread twisted up. They finally slowed down and started twisting the other way, now with the second magnets thread untwisting and the first magnet twisting.

This went on for a couple of cycles.

When asked what was the invisible gear that linked the two magnets together, my son wrote:

Manedkit forse.

Well said!


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