NASCAR Revolts

Last night we were watching the October 1st NASCAR race (Banquet 400) as a family.  We typically record the race and watch it later because it is long (3-4 hours) and we can bypass commercials–some of which may be questionable for young eyes.

One of the cool feature that they have as you watch the race is car cams, where you can see the race from the driver’s perspective.  Another thing is that they sometimes display the tachometer and speedometer of a particular car, and whether the driver is pressing the accelerator or brakes.

It is pretty cool because you can kind of get a feel for how they handle corners and other cars around them.

As we were watching last night, ~D~ asked a question: “Dad, what does RPM mean?”  I was a bit distracted and so I wasn’t thinking clearly. “Uhh, it means Rotations Per Minute, I think…uhh, wait, it’s Revolutions Per Minute.”

~K~, who has been reading about early American history since our recent trip to Philadelphia, picked up on my comment or at least my correction: “Revolution!? Dad, I don’t see any revolution!”


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