I’ve been thinking about relationships. God is all about establishing relationship with us, but also wants us to have relationships with others. There is something that He wants us to learn by being in relationships with others, and we cannot learn it on our own.

In general, I stink at relationships. Ok, I’ve got a great relationship with my wife, a good relationship with my kids (overall), but outside of that it goes downhill pretty quick. I am fairly introverted by nature, so my idea of being social is looking at the other person’s shoes, rather than my own. (Sorry, it wasn’t my joke). To be with people (other than my family) wears me out.

In fact, one of the reasons that I struggle with going to church lately (as a chore instead of a joy), is that I don’t have strong relationships with the people there. To go and be social takes a lot of energy, and a lot of times I don’t want to even bother trying. There isn’t that strong bond of friendship and relationship to tie me to people at church. It is out of obligation and duty that I go.

And yet God is calling me to relationship with Him (primarily) and with others. There is something there that I am missing.

I had the opportunity this weekend to go and establish and develop relationships with other men. There is a Men’s Advance(!) at our church–not even an overnight thing, just an afternoon and evening with other guys. Weeks ago, I had decided not to go because I didn’t want to.

But as the thoughts of establishing relationships have come up, I’ve been reconsidering my decision. But then the deadline to sign up was this morning, so by not making a decision, I’ve effectively made a decision not to go. (One of my typical M.O.’s).

Thinking about it more, maybe one reason why these lots-of-people type of events don’t excite me is because there are so many people that I get lost in the crowd. Relating one-on-one or one-on-two isn’t as scary and can be more fruitful.

But it all comes down to trust. Do I trust God enough to protect me in relationships with others?

Father, I know that relationships are on Your heart. You demonstrated that when you sent Jesus to this earth. Please help me to develop right relationships with others. Please show me how to develop relationships with others.


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