Snakes in the Bed

[WARNING!! This post contains a bedroom scene and may not be appropriate for our more sensitive readers.]

My wife and I were getting ready for bed last night, with the normal, everyday bedtime banter.

<Insert normal bedtime banter here. (Ok, to be honest I don’t remember much of the conversation.)>

She had beat me to bed and was pulling down the covers and slipping in the bed while talking to me.  I was standing across the room getting ready to brush my teeth.

“Hon, don’t forget you have that…Gasp! <insert startled gasp here>…tsk….Those little stinkers!”

“What?” I turn around to see what is going on.

With a slightly amused, and somewhat annoyed look, she holds up a plastic snake by the tail.

“Where did that come from?” I asked, knowing the answer within 50% probability.

(Feeling around the bed for more.) “Well, they didn’t get you.”

Although too tired to do anything right then, I was already planning my retribution.  You can’t just walk around being afraid of your own bed.  Something must be done….


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