Beat at the Cube

Twenty-five years ago, we gave my dad a Rubik’s cube for Father’s day.  They were a bit expensive at the time and hard to find because they were such a fad.

I was quite enamored by the Cube and how it moved and you could mix it up in so many ways.  By that afternoon, we had gotten the Cube hopelessly mixed up beyond our ability to fix it.

Later on, after we had given up ever getting it restored, I came across a book that described how to solve the Rubik’s cube, and bought it with my own money.  After a few tries, I was able to solve the Cube. Once you learn how to solve it, the mystery is gone, and the only thing to do is to solve it faster.

I actually got pretty good, and could get my times down to less than a minute.

A year ago last spring, we got the boys each a Cube for Easter.  ~K~ thought it was neat for a few minutes, but ~D~ was really interested.  After getting it mixed up, he was hopelessly stumped.  But Dad, being the cube expert, could fix it. (Don’t you know, dad’s can fix anything.)  I got to a certain point, but then got stuck.  The moves were gone and no matter how I racked my brain, I couldn’t recall how to fix the rest of the Cube.  I had to resort to the instructions that came with the cube to be able to solve the rest.

~D~ was relieved to have his cube back in the original condition, but didn’t get the instructions. After a while, he got tired of working on it, but then gave up.

About a week ago, he picked it up again, and with a little help was able to solve it himself.  Then he memorized the instructions. Then last night before bed, he challenged me to a race.  I agreed, but only if I could use the directions as needed.

It wasn’t even close.  He beat me soundly. I’d say that I could brush up and get my Cube skills back up to par, but who am I kidding? Who has time for it?  But my days as Cube Champ are over.

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