Science Experiments – Mapping a Magnetic Field

Last week we did a science experiment where we mapped a magnetic field. The thing about magnets is that you can feel or see the effects of the magnetic field, but you can’t see the field itself. So to map the field, we took our magnetometer (a magnetized pin on a string) and took readings at different regions around the magnet.

We first taped a magnet to the paper. Then we hung our magnetometer at different starting points around the magnet. We drew lines on the paper in the direction that the magnetometer pointed.

We drew lines tip-to-tail until the paper ended.

Once we were done, we had a map of the field around the magnet.

This week, we have more mapping –this time 2 magnets at opposite ends of the page.  We were going to do that tonight, but it got late and I decided to wait until tomorrow.


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