A New Way to Post

I’ve been posting exclusively to WordPress.com for several months now. I’ll have to say that I really like it much better than Blogger, and haven’t suffered the ongoing trouble that Blogger blogs have suffered recently. One of the things that I do miss, though, is being able to post via e-mail. WordPress.com doesn’t have it.

Instead, I have mostly been using Windows Live Writer (Beta) which is the best off line blogging software that I’ve run across. Better than w.bloggar, better than Qumana, better than Performancing. It has a very simple interface and does the right thing when generating HTML. I found that in the other programs, I was always having to go back and fix the posts because they weren’t showing up quite like I expected. Very frustrating.

Live Writer also gives you a preview mode where you can actually download your CSS and see what the post would look like on your blog before you post it. Very cool.

There are times, however, when I really would like to just send an e-mail. Well, now it is possible with Blogmailr. You sign up for an account, set up your blog and then they give you an e-mail to which you can e-mail a blog post, just like Blogger.

I really don’t know how well it works, because this is the first post I’m trying it out with.

Well, here goes…

[Update:  Cool, it worked! And it sends an e-mail back to you confirming your post.]


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