Dilemma Turns to Blessing

I woke up this morning wondering what to do. We’ve got these two huge oak trees in our back yard and they have been shedding their leaves pretty fast over the past couple of weeks.

We’ve had a couple of busy weeks and no time to rake the leaves. This was the weekend where I get out there and rake all the leaves. But the weatherman is calling for rain…oh, and of course today was beautiful!

I was racking my brain all morning, trying to decide whether or not to rake after church on Sunday. It is not a normal thing to do, but those leaves really need to come up.

By the time I headed home for lunch, I had decided that after our morning items were over (we have a soccer game, a soccer banquet, and a piano festival), I would try to rake the leaves until the rain came. Then I’d play the Sunday card only if I had to.

Then I got home. There were several leaf bags piled out front, and the back yard was mostly raked into neat piles. Oh, what joy! My wife and kids were taking the day off to rake leaves.

Here I was concerned about the problem of getting the leaves raked, and my family provided the solution! What a blessing! How thankful I am to them.

I guess I’ll have to make other plans for my Saturday.


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