Truefaced Transformation

I woke up this morning feeling “thin.” Not the kind when you’re on a diet, but the kind that Bilbo talked about in Fellowship of the Rings: “stretched and thin — like butter scraped across too much bread.”

It is a tired, sickening feeling, uneasy and tentative, like there is a hammer about ready to drop on your head. God is against you and I knew He was going to pound me for blowing off my quiet time and rushing off to work without even a quick prayer.

“Well, I’ll listen to a sermon on the way to work.” I thought. I had been listening to the the “Truefaced talk” by John Lynch, and so I started it up again where I left off.

Then I came to a part on there where the speaker says, “On my worst day, I am ‘Christ in John Lynch’ with robes of righteousness on.” And a sob slipped from my lips. Yeah, this was not one of my best days, and yet, if I trust what God says about me, I am clothed with the righteousness of Jesus. I don’t have to worry that the other shoe is going to drop and God is going to punish me.

“The Room of Grace.” Man, this is good stuff.

I first heard this message about 2 years ago now, and it has changed my life and my view of God. I led a small group last year based on the book, and now I am hoping to share it with a couple of guys that I meet with on a weekly basis. My hope is to go through the book with them.

Tomorrow morning, I guess I’ll find out. Each time I listen to that message, I hear something new. And even on my “thin” days, I am changed. I am a new creation and God is drawing me to Himself.

Oh precious Father, thank You for Your Grace. Thank you for changing my heart and calling me to Yourself. Thank you that my relationship with You isn’t based on what I do. Please use this talk, this DVD to reveal your truth to the boys. Help me not push it on them, but if it is Your will, speak to them through it. Thank you that I can trust You. Amen.


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