Truefaced Talk – The Aftermath

I met with the boys today and showed them the video.  There wasn’t much time to discuss it or talk about afterwards because we were running late.  It is a little hard to judge their reaction, but it seemed to be positive.

I hope that we can talk about this further, because if this because a new way of thinking–a part of my life, it is so life-changing.

Here’s a quote from the talk that stuck out to me today:

God isn’t interested in changing you, He already has! The DNA’s set.  God wants us to believe that He’s already changed us so He can get on with maturing us into who He has already made us.

And trust opens the way for God to bring us to maturity.

I guess I now need to trust God that He will use this how He wants to in my life and the life of these men.  It’s not up to me… I have to keep reminding myself of that.


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