Unexpected Haircut Results

I went to get my hair cut at lunch today. I was in desperate need of one and go to a lady who goes to our church. In the middle of it all, she started asking me about my announcement about Life group, wondering what the group was going to be about. “Will you be going through a book or a Bible study?”

I sheepishly explained that I wanted to do something structured like that, but felt that God just wanted it more topical from week to week, with an emphasis on developing relationships and ministry toward one another.

The conversation went on from there to other tings, but as I was leaving she indicated that she wanted to come to the group.

I was taken by surprise, because it never occured to me that she would want to come to my group. But I remembered getting excited talking about the group as I described it to her.  It was like God was reassuring me that I am doing the right thing.

Some haircuts are just haircuts, others are divine appointments.


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