Skype and the Parental Units

I tried out Skype last year when they were running their special where you could call any land line phone for free.  But once they started charging again, I gave it up.  I don’t really have anyone to “skype” because my family isn’t all that tech savvy.  No offense, but they just don’t have the interest.

But then I was chatting on the phone with my folks last week and they were telling about an intercessory prayer time at their church.  They were praying for a meeting that was happening in Portugal along with a group in Pennsylvania.   And they were using Skype to keep in touch, with laptops and web cams.

And the team at my parent’s church would say, “Here’s what we think the Lord is saying. We think we need to pray this way.”

They would communicate this to PA and to Portugal and the people in Portugal would say, “Here’s what’s going on in the meeting. Here’s how you can pray.”

It was the most unique use of Skype I had heard of–to use it for cross country and cross continent prayer ministry.

After describing this, my mom said,  “That Skype thing is pretty cool.  It would be neat if we could do that when we call you–we could see the grand kids more often.”

I said politely, “Oh, that sounds interesting, maybe we could try that.” But in my mind, I was cheering.

I had thought of this kind of thing before, but if I had proposed to try doing something like this, my parents would have looked at me weird and said, “Thanks but not interested.”  So I thought that it was really cool that they said, “Hey we saw this neat thing and would like to try it out with you.”

So before we headed down to Tennessee, I went out and bought my dad a web cam for a retirement gift. Once we got home from Tennessee, we tried it out this evening. It worked really good, and I was able to get the boys on Skype to say “Hi” to their grand parents.

I never thought I’d hear my parents say, “Hey you want to try out Skype?”  Now they’re talking to my sister in Colorado to get her to try it out. Maybe my family is finally coming around.


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