Bug Zapper

We have been plagued by some flat hexagonal shaped bugs in our house lately. I don’t know why, but they show up in just about every room. I’ve been calling them “potato bugs”, but when I googled a potato bug, I didn’t get the picture I was expecting. So these bugs are not called potato bugs. I don’t know what they are. 

UPDATE: My wife suggested that it might be a stink bug.  She was right.

But they are slow and stupid and pretty easy to kill and they give a nice satisfying “Crunch!” when you step on them. Oh, and they fly.

We have a halogen torchere in our family room. It is not one of the new, safe emasculated ones that they sell now, if you can find them that gives out a dim light and has one of those ugly safety grills over the top. 2007_05May_6188This is one of the old school, 500W bulb halogen lights that is about as bright as the sun, and almost as hot.

These hexagon bugs start buzzing around the room and finally, after being drawn to the light, land in the top of the lamp. And they fry. (You can kind of see the smoke coming up from the lamp.) And then the most wonderful aroma (NOT!) from their charred and burning bodies emanates from the lamp and fills the room.

Another one bites the dust! And you can see that we’ve had quite a few. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to “empty” the lamp without taking it apart.



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