On the Fritz

Our main PC, a Dell E510, stopped working about a week ago.  It just wouldn’t boot up.  At all.

After poking around it some, I tried measuring the voltages from the power supply with my multi-meter.  They weren’t reading correctly, so I naturally assumed that the power supply had gone bad.

I ordered a replacement supply from Dell and got it on Friday.  After installing it in the computer, I hooked it up.  No dice.  No change. The computer didn’t boot up.

After looking on the Dell forums, it turns out you have to short 2 pins together on the connector to get the power supply to turn on.

The best guess now is that the mother board went bad.

Oh, and the PC is out of warranty. Bummer.

Dell, I’m very disappointed.  This PC is only 18 months old and the mother board dies?!  I’ve got another PC that’s 10 years old and nary a problem.


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