Tree house Building: The Second Day

2007_07July_6573I had big plans for the day. We were going to finish the deck on top of the tree house. The boys thought that maybe we could finish. I wasn’t quite so optimistic.

But you know how construction always takes longer than you think? Same thing goes for building a tree house.

By the end of the day, we had gotten a hole for the trap door and about half of the decking complete. There is now a nice piece of the platform where you can sit and gaze over the back yard. Not bad.2007_07July_6581

Of course, my goal isn’t to hurry up and finish, it is to include my sons in the project and to teach them how to hit a nail and use a drill and a saw. (And not bang your thumb or cut yourself.) As it is with God in our lives, it isn’t so much about the product at the end of the day, but the process that we go through.

2007_07July_6602Or at least that’s the idea. In practice, it doesn’t work out so well. With the day came yelling (on my part) and crying (on ~K~’s part, although he tries to hide it). And although I wanted to include the boys as much as possible, there are just some things that they can’t do. So they would stand around waiting for me to get to a part where I could include them.

So although things didn’t go perfectly (they never do), they went well and the “thank yous” that I got from both of them did enough to make me glad that we’re going through the process. It’s worth it!2007_07July_6610


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