Shower in the Dark

Following my normal weekday, I was taking a shower, getting ready for work.

A knock at the door. “Come in!” I said. (When sharing a bathroom with your children, be prepared to have them walk in when you’re in the shower.)

The lights went out. That meant it was ~D~. He doesn’t speak or say a word. Just turns out the light, does his business, and leaves, turning the light on before he closes the door.

He’s like me in that way–not much of a talker in the morning.

Except this morning, I wasn’t paying attention and he didn’t turn the light back on when he left. Doh! I usually catch him when he does this and say something like, “Light!” But I guess I was distracted.

A few moments later, another knock. Ahh, I’m saved! It was ~K~, this time. (Sharing a room, the boys commonly wake each other up.)

“Come in!”

“Hi, Dad!” (~K~ typically wakes up chipper and ready to talk, unlike his brother.)
“Good morning, ~K~.”
“How was life group last night?”
“Oh, it went really good.  Thanks for asking.”
“Did you sleep well, last night?”
“Uhh, OK, I guess…Actually, not so well.”
“Well, I slept pretty good.”
“That’s great.  ~K~, could you turn on the light when you leave?”
“Sure, Dad.  I guess ~D~ forgot to turn the light back on, huh?”
“Yeah, he was probably still asleep.”

(A whole conversation like that and I’m not even awake.  It can sometimes be a challenge to muster up a conversation of such magnitude.  But ~K~ is always ready to chat. Day or night.  Even when we check on him at night, if he wakes up, he’ll have a conversation with you.  I don’t know where he finds so many words.)

 I relax, knowing that the light will be back on soon.  But then ~K~ finishes up and exits the bathroom.  Still no light.

And so I finish my shower in the dark.  Luckily there is enough ambient light from the window to see–in the middle of winter it would be a different story–and so I am able to use the right shampoo and find the bar of soap.

And so I start another day.


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