Group Lessons

~D~ has been taking piano lessons for a couple of years now, and ~K~ just started this year.  We say it is part of their education, just like math or vocabulary.  Although there was resistance at first, they have accepted the routine of practicing and going  to lessons.

Every so often their teacher has a group lesson with a group of students, where they all play pieces for one another, play music games and eat cookies.

Ah, yes, cookies.  That is the real draw to this shindig, and there are no limits on how many cookies they can have from the piano teacher.  Of course, as their parents, we try to teach them to be polite and not greedy.  But that can be difficult for two sugar-hungry boys.

So on the way to their group lesson (~K~’s first group lesson), my wife did the due diligence of telling the boys to be polite, say please and thank you and don’t take too many cookies. But in the midst of that, ~D~ leaned over to his younger brother, and whispered something.

It was the sage advice of an older brother, more experienced, who had been to these group lessons before. My wife, having the ultra-sensitive ears of a super hero, was able to discern the gist of their scheming:

Don’t count.

~D~ knew that after the lesson, Mom would ask about the cookies. So if you didn’t count the cookies you ate, there was no need to mislead about the number of cookies they had.

And so after the lesson was over, the first thing that ~K~ said when he got in the car was:

“Hi Mom! We had a great time, and I don’t know how many cookies I had.”


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