Back in the Saddle

I started up our life group again, but in a new form.  You may remember my struggles with low attendance.  We took a break from life group over the month of December, and then I decided to make a change.

Last fall, we had Crown Financial Workshop at our church, and there was a need for a Financial small group to start up, and I volunteered to lead that effort up.  Rather than re-inventing the wheel, we purchased a video series as a starting point.
As I was preparing to start up this new group, I got very discouraged because it seemed to me that nobody was going to be interested in the group and that it was going to be just me and one other guy.

I was then surprised when, the week before we started, there were several people that showed interest.  We’ve ended up having 8 people come to the group–a good size for a small group.

The group has been going well, and since it is a video, prepackaged series, it takes a lot less time to prepare for.   I’m not a financial guru, but don’t really have to be with this.

I guess my one issue is that because it is so “easy” to prepare for, I find it easy not to trust God with this group and just do it in my own strength.  But that is a road I don’t want to travel.

Thank you God, for this group.  Please minister through it and show me how to trust You with it! 


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