Lofty Goals

It started out as an idea.

The boys share a room and a bunk bed. They both wanted to be on the top bunk.  My wife thought, why don’t we get lofts like we had at college.  Then both of the boys could be on top.

It was early summer and wee were in the midst of remodeling our master bedroom/bathroom.  I wasn’t in the mood for any new ideas.  But, hey go for it.

So she e-mailed kids we knew that were in college, she contacted the Baptist Student Union.   They had lofts.

A 45-minute drive to the university, a days adventure and help from the boys loading and unloading, we had 2 college lofts sitting in our basement all summer long.

Once things started quieting down, it was a good opportunity to start working on them.  So one Saturday, I put them together.  It was harder than I expected, and I needed to buy some missing hardware. Bolts, washers, etc.

Then one was too long, so I had to cut it down to size.  This was becoming more than i barganed for, but we kept on going.  We were invested in this project.

Finally last weekend, it was time to paint the lofts, to hide at least some of the sins of the past.  The whole family got involved and we had 4 paint brushes applying the bright blue paint to wood.

And so today, with the paint dry, we moved the lofts into their rooms and set them up.  Quite a bit higher than the bunk bed, they have enough room to sleep but not much else.  However, the room underneath is vast in comparison.

Here are a few pictures of the final result.


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