Mr. Fix-It

I’m not one of those “Mr. Fix-It” guys who can fix anything.  I’m pretty cautious when it comes to home appliance repair.  So if I had gotten those 4 words (“Honey, the washer’s broke.”) a couple of weeks earlier, I would have made a call to the Sears appliance repair.

But last Sunday at a soccer game, we were talking to some friends, and the wife was telling of how her husband fixed their dryer without calling a repair guy.  This is a pretty normal guy, and I guess if the truth be told, that I would’ve rated my handyman skills a little higher.  So as the wife told the story, this guys stock jumped in my book.  I was honestly impressed.

So this was in the back of my mind when my wife whispered those 4 words over the phone.  I couldn’t just call the repair guy (although, it was still in my back pocket if things went south), I had to try myself.

So I googled and found, where they had step by step instructions of how to tell what washer you had (belt drive, direct drive), how to take it apart, and what are the most common problems, given a set of symptoms.

The fix turned out to be fairly easy (buy a new motor coupling) and after a couple of hours, we were back in  business.

I was pretty proud of my self.

But of course, now I’m on the hook for home repairs–I can’t just call the repair guy….What have I gotten myself into?


4 thoughts on “Mr. Fix-It

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  2. Hey Eric,

    Funny thing is that I only learned the proper name of the part from the applianceaid website. I would’ve called it the rubber-plastic thingy. A bit less impressive than “motor coupling”.

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