The Real Mr. Fix-It

Update:  After writing the previous post, a couple of things came to mind that I forgot to mention.  Here I am patting myself on the back for doing a good job–even the title says “Yea, me!” But, I really can’t take credit for this success.  Why?

1. Before I started, my wife and I prayed.  Her suggestion, but the same idea had come to me earlier.  I knew I wasn’t the man for the job (not knowing what I was doing and all).  All the things that we prayed for: able to find the problem, an obvious fix, being able to find the right part, were answered in kind. 

2. At a crucial step at putting the washer back together, I got stuck trying to get the motor back on. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get a bracket to snap into place, and started thinking that it could take a long time to get it back together.  At that point, I hastily said a prayer asking for wisdom on how to put the bracket back on.  And a couple of minutes later I had an idea of how to put the bracket back on–and the idea worked.  The bracket went on easily and 10 minutes later the washer was working.

So, no I can’t take credit for a successful conclusion to this foray into the world of home appliance repair.  The brains behind the operation turns out to be a loving Father with the grace to make his son look good, even when I don’t give Him the credit He’s due.

Thanks, Dad!


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