When Geeks Cry (Part 2)

(This is a rant about technology, and how it has recently let me down.)

Part 1 here.

I had left our laptop for days trying to get the hard drive to work again.  It had been running SpinRite for several days and was making slow progress.  There were several sectors of the hard drive with a big red “R” on them, indicating that they had unrecoverable data.

Ironically, I wasn’t concerned about the data.  I had just backed up the laptop hard drive with drive imaging software only a couple of days before, and we didn’t have any data that we couldn’t get at from our other PC.

It didn’t seem to be the program either.  I had tried running it on another computer, and it scanned the entire hard drive in several hours, with no problems.

I was beginning to lose hope that I was going to be able to fix it, and would have to buy a new hard drive. I started pricing them online.

And after a couple of days, my wife asked: “So what’s the deal with the laptop?”  She encouraged me to buy a drive and get on with our lives.

And so I ordered a drive from Newegg, and watched the UPS tracking.  I still let SpinRite do its thing, but it let me down.  I had believed that it was cure-all, but it wasn’t–at least in my case.

“Once the new drive comes, our problems will be over,” I thought, “I’ll restore the lap top image, and have it up in no time.”

I was wrong.


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