Conversation at Dinner

My wife and I were having a conversation at dinner.  I don’t remember the context, but some how I was making myself sound better:

Wife: “So how come everyone else is affected by <insert negative situation here>, but not you?”

Me: “Because I’m perfect in every way, right ~D~?”

~D~ seemed to be off in his own world (a common occurrence) and not paying attention to the conversation (or so I thought).  I hoped to get some absent-minded assertion to back up my claim.

~D~: “No, Dad. ‘All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.'”

Me: “Ouch! shot down by my own son.”

You gotta hate it when your children start using the Bible against you.


3 thoughts on “Conversation at Dinner

  1. or love it!! that they love the Lord and are willing to even keep their parents accountable is pretty amazing.. (will I regret saying this later ;))….

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