Saturday morning, I was awaken by a jolt. A big jolt.  It felt like a big dump truck had hit the house, or like the water heater had blown up.

But that was it.  No aftermath, no diesel noises or running water from busted pipes.  I couldn’t place the event, so I went back to sleep.

I was talking to some friends that afternoon, and someone asked me if I had felt the earthquake.  I was about to say “No”, when the bell went off.

And the 4am experience now made sense.

It turns out, that it as a little 3.0 earthquake that caused no damage (thankfully). But not a common event in South west Virginia.


2 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. I’ve heard a few times that there were Earthquakes in VA since I’ve been here (12 years). Although I’ve never felt one. I guess being by mountains makes it a possibility.

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