Water, Water, Everywhere

Since my wife was at the homeschool conference in Richmond this  weekend, I took Thursday afternoon and Friday off and declared Men’s Weekend 2009.  We wrote up a list of things that we wanted to do over the weekend, which included trying to fill a gaping hole called “Friday.”

The fear is that somehow, if you don’t keep the troops entertained/engaged somehow, they will attack you, tie you up and take over in a bloodless coup.  That was not going to happen to me.

I had a flash of inspiration during a 6 1/2 hour meeting on Wednesday, when someone was displaying their computer screen on the projector to help debug a customer issue in Saudi Arabia (don’t ask).  Their back ground was that of a waterfall in a green forest.  And the idea came to me.  We could hike to The Cascades.

The weather turned out pretty iffy–50% chance of rain, but instead of being a wimp, I decided that we’d go for it.  The worst that could happen is that we would get wet.  A pretty good assumption, since we’d probably get wet anyway.  So we set off.

When we got to the trail, we had to wait 15 minutes until the rain stopped, but then it looked like it was going to clear up.  The first thing that we noticed was the almost deafening roar of the nearby creek which led to the falls.  It was swollen from recent rains and threatened to overflow its banks in some spots.

When we finally got to the falls, it was the biggest I had ever seen it.  When we usually come, it is not nearly as much water, and “cascades” down the face of the rock.  But this time there was so much water coming over the falls, that it was causing a misty breeze to blow over the entire opening.

Our planned eating spot was under water, so we had to find a place on higher ground. And the boys also decided not to wade in the water, because the wind was so cold and the current was really too strong for them.

All in all, it was a fun trip, and the boys were pretty tired when I got home. So I was successful in wearing them out: A primary objective of the day.


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