The In-Between Life

If I flip back through the photos that I’ve taken this year, there are only a few highlights:

  • Photos from my wife’s birthday
  • Photos from The Big Snow
  • (Less)  Photos from The (Next) Big Snow

Not much in between or after that. But there have been have been a lot of days in between.  81 days to be exact.2009_11Nov_2510

Frustrating days, happy days, weary days, and just blah grey days that seemed to last forever. I don’t have photos from any of those days.  Just from the highlights.

A lot of times, I live for the highlights, even if it is just a lazy Saturday after an incredibly busy and frustrating week.  I look forward to those times and endure the in-between days to get to the “next big thing” that comes along in my life. Big decisions, big events.  Things that need to be remembered.

It has occurred to me that God is using my In-Between Life to prepare me for my next day as well as the Next Big Thing that comes along.  Little decisions that I face on a daily basis can either form my character and chip away little pieces of “Self” or can cause me to fall back and fail again.

It is these in-between times that I question scripture the most. It is where my truest self (good or bad) comes out. It is where life seems hard and grey and God seems far away.

Somehow, I think that God is even more interested in the process that we go through (the in-between life) to get where were going, than He is with us actually getting there.  He’ll take us the long way around, because it is in the process that we learn to Trust Him.


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