And We Survived

…another week.  It feels like a miracle, really, to have made it to the end. 

Now on Friday night, I had the inspiration to type out a small missive.  Nothing really.  Just a little rambling.

Friday night seems to be family movie night at our house.  We sit in front of the TV and watch a movie, either from the library or more often from our Netflix streaming movie queue.

But tonight, we ate at the table.  A nice meal that the 2 older boys prepared.  And it wasn’t beanies and weenies or PB and J.  I’m talking a real meal.  A pasta thing with fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil, and Italian bread.  I was pretty impressed.

Then we watched our movie.

Now, time for bed and my eyes are starting to come out of their sockets.  But I’m still going to march in our bed room and volunteer to take the graveyard shift.  Because I love my wife and she needs a break.  (Oh, but she’s the real hero of this family.)

Good night, and Thank you God, for making weekends.


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