Shades of Grey

I was recently chatting with my wife over breakfast, a rare luxury that we only seem to find on weekends.  She was expressing her weariness over her grueling exercise regimen.

Sympathizing, I suggested that she might lessen the intensity or frequency of her workouts, thus making this wearisome burden more manageable. 

As a husband, I’m a problem solver and this suggestion was an obvious (to me) solution to the problem.  Word to the wise: Don’t try to fix your wife’s problems. They just want you to listen. I obviously was having a mental lapse.

She looked at me with obvious incomprehension at the suggestion.  This idea was obviously not one that could even be considered.

“Shades of grey,” I prompted, referring to an ongoing discussion that we have about how it doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” proposition.  The world doesn’t always have to be black and white. I don’t see the need to kill myself to meet an exercise goal.  You can take a less aggressive stance when it comes to exercise.  (Of course that might explain while gravity seems to have a magnified effect when I step on the bathroom scale.)

“Hon,” she replied, “I wasn’t given that crayon in my crayon box.”

We both laughed.

Of course, later thinking back to this conversation, I realize there are other areas where I see stark lines and she sees the shadows.  And that’s the wonderful thing about being married to a woman that sees things differently than I do.  She tempers my perspective, bringing color and shadow, balancing my point of view.


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